Survey of hobbies and situations of Chinese elderly people in different ages.

Chinese elderly are divided into 55-70 years old, 70-80 years old, and 80 years old and above. Different ages have different needs due to physiological differences.

The elderly aged 55 to 70 years old have relatively good health conditions, most of the social activities and outdoor activities are more, the lifestyle is more positive, and there are more demand for some high-tech, entertaining and intelligent products;

The elderly aged 70-80 years old belong to the middle-aged age layer. Due to the decline of physiological functions, the senile diseases are increasing. The demand for high-tech, entertaining and intelligent products is less, and the requirements for daily necessities are higher. More demand for health care products;

The elderly over the age of 80 belong to the old age group. Due to the serious decline of physiological functions, most people have multiple senile diseases. They are self-reasonable or unable to take care of themselves, and they have more demand for special nursing and rehabilitation products.

Analysis of the status quo and development trend of Chinese elderly product design , QIZHI YAO, retrieved from:

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